Credit Card Processing

MCPOS offers high-speed internet credit card processing services for our clients at very competitive rates. Should you desire a third-party processing service, we can refer a number of other service providers.


POS Payments

MCPOS is one distributors of First Pay Solutions, we offer some of the most flexible payment acceptance options in the industry, allowing merchants around the world access to a variety of point-of-sale (POS) payment solutions to meet their business needs.


Setting Up A new Account

Getting your account set up quickly so that you can start your business as soon as possible is important to you. We can can have your merchant account approved the same day the application is received and have your business accepting credit cards within 24 hours.

Need additional support as you're getting set up? We can help you at any time in the activation process.

We do not assess any fees to set up a merchant account. Each merchant account is analyzed differently based on the type of business. Once you speak with a representative at MCPOS they can discuss with you what type of rates or fees will apply to you. The cost of equipment depends on the type of equipment you are looking for and what your business needs are. There are also options to obtaining equipment including leasing. For further information please contact MCPOS at 312-791-1886

We always provide the good deal for you



• We offer the lowest rate, and the lowest fee

• Merchant account can be approved within 24 hours

• we provide 24 hour technical support in English and Chinese

• No contractual restrictions, merchant can stop credit card service any time



  • Transaction approvals in 1.9 seconds or less
  • Seamless integration into third-party software packages
  • Compliance with all card industry standards including the latest PCI PIN Entry Device (PED) requirements
  • Flexible product and pricing options to best meet your specific needs
  • Automatic electronic deposits to your merchant account for all payment types