MCPOS Software

MCPOS has tailored its sofware modules to specific business operations(e.g hotels;restaurants;outo dealerships). MCPOS will customize a software package to fit your specific sales,retail,or service industry needs.)

MCPOS business administration software features include:

User-friendly interface
Advanced Table Service
Buffet Expert
Bar,Express & Quick service POS
Server Banker Management
Delivery Driver Management
Kitchen Display Server
Caller ID information Management and Record-Keeping
Employee Time Clock,no-touch ID card accessibility
Gift card,Reward card & VIP card accessibility
Customizable Security Levels for individual Employees
Remote Multi-store POS Management
Online Order Interate
Accounting Book Keeping
Excel Interation
Inventory Management
Customer Database Management
Remote Desktop Support through internet
24-hour toll free tech support available
Free Lifetime POS Tech Support with Signing up of Merchant Service($350.00Value)


MPOS Services

MCPOS offers comprehensive software packages for virtually all aspects of retail business administration.

Our professional agents will design an efficient and economical POS System that is tailored to the needs of your business.

Our services include:

POS system set up and installation
Surveillance system set up and installation
Manager and staff training
Customized Employee card, gift card, VIP card design
Phone services support
Online product upgrade
Online product support
Additional modules add-on available upon request


Security and Surveillance

With MCPOS software, a business operator can monitor the events unfolding in the workplace via a secure video feed, accessed by a password-protected URL. MCPOS also offers an installation service, in which servicemen set up a personal surround-sound home theater for secure video monitoring in the client's home or office.


Long Distance Surveillance Monitoring System:

MCPOS internet video monitoring system uses an all-in-one design, enabling video assembling, video storage, lens control and long distance transmission functions to all combine into one. It is a stable and reliable system that allows you to see videos or pictures online simultaneously no matter where you are in the world. Videos can also be synched to smart phones, home or personal computer and set to record at the same time. Monitoring can happen at the same time as long distance transmission is in process and videos can be played back anytime. 

Our state-of-the-art Surveillance system is guaranteed to provide you with all day, comprehensive service. Rest assured as our safest monitoring system does all the work.


MCPOS Finance

MCPOS truly understands the effort and budget limit involving in operating a new business. Therefore, we offer various financing options to help you to build the perfect Point-of-Sales System:

Flexible loans
Leasing Program
Discount Mortgage
Tax Services Discount
System Package Discount

Please contact our sales agent at 773-579-0038 to receive the best financing solutions for your business.


Web Solutions

MCPOS owns a group of talented web design team. Our mission is to create a professional web appearance to assist our clients expanding tnto the online market. MCPOS provides high-quality web design and development with your affordable budget. MCPOS also provides effective e-marketing methods,dynamic multimedia featureds,secure,and reliable web hosting service.

Please click the following links for website demos:

UMI Japanese Steakhouse