Tablet POS

By using Tablets as a menu, customers can order at the table as soon as they are ready. The restaurant can provide customers with better order service, saving costs on paper menus and receipts, while enhancing their customers’ dining experience by making ordering a seamless and quick process. Ideal for restaurants with full-service, buffet, dessert, or drink locations.



  • Advanced interface design to cater to the individual business
  • Upgrades dining experience
  • Synchronizes fully with POS
  • Easy adjustments on menu content
  • Rich contents with dish pictures, ingredient information, and seasonal promotions
  • Synchronization with POS system host by delivering order information to the kitchen
  • Setting limitation on order frequency (vital feature for all-you-can-eat)
  • Customer reviews and recommendations on dishes and items


  • Improves restaurant’s image
  • Deepens customer dining experience with photo displays
  • Simplifies the ordering process
  • Saves order time and allows for selection review to avoid mistakes
  • Reduces service cost and paper menu costs
  • Processes orders faster order, speed up table turnover
  • Allows instant menu changes, anytime and from anywhere
  • Cuts labor costs
  • Increases sales with the carefully designed ordering process
  • Increases customer engagement and feedback with reviews, photos, and sharing

Ideal for Full Service Restaurant、Delivery Restaurant、Buffet、Bubble Tea Cafe/Dessert